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Empowering developers to scrape the web at large-scale by utilizing a massive cache of public web pages

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# initialize nokogiri
nokogiri = Nokogiri.HTML(content)

# get the listings
listings = nokogiri.css('ul.b-list__items_nofooter li.s-item')

# loop through the listings
listings.each do |listing|
    # save the product info to outputs.
    outputs << {
      _collection: "products",
      title: listing.at_css('h3.s-item__title')&.text,
      price: listing.at_css('.s-item__price')&.text

    # enqueue more pages to be scraped
    pages << {
        url: item_link['href'] unless item_link.nil?,
        page_type: 'details'


Empowering decision makers to discover and understand knowledge through instant answers to their questions

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